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Castello di Milazzo
Castello di Milazzo

It is a peninsula and a crossroad in the history of Europe. It was defended for millennia by its Castle, which features seven hectares of military fortress making it the largest fortified town all over Sicily. The genesis of the castle and the history of the town is the history of Sicily itself: a stratification over the centuries of Greek, Romans, Byzantine and Muslims settlements, until the Bourbons came. The mighty Spanish walls of the castle enclose a thousand-year-old history and by the Mastio’s heart the Arab-Norman origin is revealed.

Santuario San Francesco da Paola
Santuario San Francesco da Paola

Follows the ancient Cathedral, a rare example of the Sicilian Mannerist architecture of the sixteen century from the Florentine architect Camillo Camilliani. In the same area, the monumental complex of the Sanctuary of Saint Francesco di Paola and the annex convent. During the stay in Milazzo it was the Saint who began the construction of the church in its original core. Nowadays the Sanctuary shows its baroque elegance on the main façade, with its fresco interiors, which make it one of the most visited places in Milazzo.

Tramonto dalla Riviera di Ponente

Incomparable is enjoying the sunset from the west beach: small pebbles, crystalline sea, lovely view between the castle and the promontory of Capo Milazzo, not to mention the spectacular landscape of the Aeolian Islands. Seven kilometres of beach that rivals even the most famous tropical shores in the world. Very suggestive is the area of “Tono”, with the bay of “Ngonia”.

la piscina di venere_milazzo

Heavenly place is “La Piscina di Venere”, a natural swimming pool of marine tepid water hidden by the rocks, with a green water colour that charms every visitor projecting him in an surreal atmosphere. Reachable by a footpath with lush vegetation and plants of prickly pears which create a Mediterranean environment.

Decorazioni Palazzo D'Amico
Palazzo D’Amico – Decorazioni del soffitto

Palazzo D’Amico – Town Library: typical noble Sicilian palace characterized by an internal courtyard and the stairs, made of Taormina marbles. The frescoes of the room at the noble floor depict the coats of arms of the most important aristocratic family of the town.

Archeological Regional Museum “Milazzo Antiquarium”: open recently, it is located in the stables of the old Spanish district of the town. Once entering the museum, it’s possible to admire the archeological finds found during the excavations of the town.

Duomo Nuovo
Duomo moderno

Modern Cathedral: erected during the 50s and dedicated to S. Stefano Protomartire, it contains the most valuable art works of the city, mostly coming from the Ancient Cathedral. The statue of Patron Saint, by Filippo Quattrocchi (an artist from Palermo), is dated 1784.

Quartiere marinaro “Vaccarella”
Quartiere marinaro “Vaccarella”

Marine District “Vaccarella”: historical district and first marine settlement of the town. It features a lot of typical alleys where people live thanks to fishing and fish storing. To keep all the boats in a tidy and pleasant way on the shore, the inhabitants of this district founded the “Nino Salmeri” Association.

Saletta Paradiso Milazzo
Capo Milazzo – Saletta Paradiso

Cape Milazzo Promontory: natural reserve of the city, it represents a green lung on the sea. There are many historical villas scattered on this portion of land. The establishment of a protected marine reserve, the marked natural trails, the beach and the panoramic view make every sunrise and sunset a picturesque experience.

Villa Vaccarino
Villa Vaccarino

Villa Vaccarino: for many years it has been the District Court, now it is owned again by the Municipality. Built at the end of the twenties and designed by Ing. Gaetano Bonanno, nowadays it’s possible to enjoy its charm thanks to its liberty style and to the big surrounding Sicilian garden, which makes it very picturesque.

Mela Fountain: originally (1643) dedicated to Mercury, a marble fountain adorned by four lions, it was destroyed during the Spanish siege (1718-1719), and then rebuilt (1762-1763) replacing Mercury with the human representation of Mela, Milazzo river, while with a hand pouring water from a jar and with other one holding an oar.

Fontana Del Mela
Fontana Del Mela

The monument, enriched by sea horses and eagles, was removed by the Podestà Salvatore Scala that wanted to make room for a monumental building dedicated to the roman consul Caio Duilio, but it never saw the light. So the fountain was dismembered to be reassembled in front of Palazzo del Municipio: unfortunately, at the end of the second world war, the pieces of the fountain were missed. In the 1990 it was rebuilt by some Lucca sculptors and stands in the centre of Piazza del Carmine.

Popular religious festivals:

  • Procession of the statue of Santo Stefano Protomartire, patron saint of the city: every first Sunday of September
  • Procession of the statue of San Francesco da Paola, also patron saint of the city and of the sea people: every first Sunday of May.

Other useful information on Milazzo

Dove mangiare a Milazzo


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A lot of nightclubs are intended for entertainment. From the port up to the Castle, in the area of Borgo Antico, it’s a succession of pubs, bars, pizzerias and restaurants, such as: “La locanda del Bagatto”, “Bukowski Pub”, “White Pub”, “Havana Pub”. In the summertime there are also some outdoor discos, such as: “Le Terrazze”, “Il capriccio”, “Paradiso”, “Riva Smeralda Camping”.

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