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The archaeological ruins of the village of Tindari are located in the town of Patti. Tindari stands on a promontory about 270 metres high, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lakes of Marinello. It was a Greek colony, founded in 269 B.C. by Dionysius of Syracuse to house Syracusan mercenaries employed in the war against Carthage. The waters lying between Tindari and Cape Milazzo were the scene of the first Punic War in 257 B.C. One of the most evocative spaces is the theatre, built in the fourth century B.C. and then modified by the Romans into an amphitheatre. Tindari reached a notable level of prosperity under the Roman occupation. After becoming the seat of an archbishopric, in the ninth century Tindari was destroyed by the Arabs. Findings brought to light by archaeological excavations testify to a brilliant period in the past.

Places to see

Santuari della Madonna Nera
Santuari della Madonna Nera

Santuario della Madonna Nera (The Shrine of the Black Madonna): The statue of the Black Madonna is believed to have come to Tindari from the East to save it from a movement towards iconoclasm or statue-breaking there in the 8th and 9th centuries. The Virgin Mary holds the child Jesus in her arms Jesus. She is adorned with a crown on her head and the base bears an inscription that echoes the Song of Songs, ‘Nigra sum sed formosa’, which translates as ‘I am black but beautiful’.
The Sanctuary has a complex history. In July 1544 the church was completely destroyed by an Ottoman pirate fleet. It was rebuilt between 1552 and 1598. Bishop Giovanni Previtera founded the Sanctuary of Tindari, later extended by Bishop Giuseppe Pullano who wanted a new, larger church, consecrated recently (1979).
The Shrine of the miraculous Madonna of Tindari, famous for the black color of her skin, is a place of faith and worship containing rich marble statues and beautiful stained glass windows; it was visited by Pope John Paul II in the 1990s. The outdoor festival of the Shrine of the Madonna of Tindari is celebrated every year between the 8th and 12th of September.

Teatro Greco
Teatro Greco

Il Teatro (The Theatre): The theatre dates back to the fourth century B.C. and, judging from the shape, the structure and the period of construction, it is understood to be a Greek edifice, remodelled in Roman times so that gladiatorial games could be played. It then remained for twenty centuries in a state of deep neglect, covered by earth, shrubs and weeds, a place of pasture for sheep. Eventually, it became the subject of a restoration project commissioned by an eccentric Sicilian nobleman, Michele Stilo, born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. The restored theatre was inaugurated in August, 1956 with a performance of Sophocles’ Ajax before a large audience. Since that year, an art festival has been held that includes, among the events, dance, music and theatre.

Laghi di Marinello
Laghi di Marinello

I Laghi di Marinello (The Lakes of Marinello): From the square in front of the Sanctuary, you can admire the view of the Lakes of Marinello, a large sandy area characterized by a series of small pools, whose formation changes whenever there are storm surges from the sea. There are many legends connected with this beach and its pools, including that of a child who fell in from high above but who remained alive by the will of the Black Madonna of Tindari. This led to the conversion of the mother, who had doubted of the existence of a Black Virgin. Inside one of the cliffs, you can see a cave, which according to a local legend, was inhabited by a witch, who lured in sailors with her singing in order to eat them..


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