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The Catering Service allows you and the people staying with you at Rodia Holidays to choose, in comfort and directly from home, which specialities of the table you would like to enjoy (from a varied menu which includes many typical Sicilian and Italian dishes). Your choices will be delivered to your home, where you can share your meal with family or friends in a state of total relaxation.

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These are true delights for the palate, which will let you experience firsthand the unique flavours of this wonderful land that is Sicily, known worldwide for its cuisine.
You can also try a typical Sicilian granita! However, remember to eat it as soon as it is delivered, or if not, to put it straight into the freezer, otherwise it will lose its texture and most of its charm…

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Order whatever you like from the following menus to receive your choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner, ready to eat. You can use, if you wish, the oven to warm up your dishes and the freezer to chill your drinks, and within minutes you will have everything ready!

Breakfast Menù 
Lunch & Dinner Menù

Fill out the following form to make the order: Order Form for the Catering Service

Send it by email to
– No later than 22:00 if you want to have a home delivery for breakfast;
– No later than 09:00 if you want to have a home delivery for lunch;
– No later than 14:00 if you want to have a home delivery for dinner.

You will receive everything you ordered without having to spend your time cooking, or worrying every day about what to prepare to eat.
You should pay for your meal on delivery, directly to our staff.

Enjoy your meal!

* The term ‘Catering Service’ mean only a home delivery service for meals ordered by guests following the above procedure. It does not include the supply of table linen, glassware, crockery or cutlery, or table service.

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