Rodia Holidays

Extra Cleaning Service

This extra service is designed for guests who require the cleaning service more than once a week. May we remind you that the weekly cleaning service is included in the price of the holiday, as shown on the Price List page of this web site.

The price of the Extra Cleaning Service is €50.00 including VAT. It does not include the Extra Linen Change Service, also for a fee (€50.00 including VAT), which can be ordered together with the Extra Cleaning Service.

To obtain the Extra Cleaning Service, you may ask the staff directly during check-in or at any other time during your stay, but in order to be sure that Rodia Holidays is available to perform this service, please let us know in advance by email.

To request this extra service, please send us an email at this address:, and write in the subject line ‘Request for Extra Cleaning Ser-vice’. Please state in the body of the email:

1) Reservation number at the Rodia Holidays
2) Name
3) Surname
4) Day you wish to receive this extra service
5) Time you wish to receive this extra service

Rodia Holidays will answer promptly and inform you whether the extra service is availa-ble. If there is no availability on the day and/or at the time you requested, we will suggest alternative dates and/or times. To confirm and reserve this service, answer our email and write ‘Confirmation of booking for Extra Cleaning Service’ in the subject line. At this point you will receive an email from us to confirm all the relevant details of your booking.

Terms and conditions

Rodia Holidays will carry out the extra service in question on the day and time indicated in the booking. If for any reason the customer is not be at home, the customer authorizes the Rodia Holidays staff to enter the villa/apartment where the customer is staying to perform the service, whether the customer is present or not.

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