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massaggioThe term ‘massage’ derives from the Arabic mass which means ‘touch’. Massage is the transfer of mechanical energy to the tissues and its effects are mainly due to reflex phenomena that trigger the body’s reactions. Massage is indicated in cases of general physical and mental fatigue, as it contributes not only to toning the physique, but also produces the well-being that is the basis of a good mental balance.

massaggio 2Depending on your personal needs, it is possible to enjoy the following types of massage:

– Health and beauty massage, for those who want to maintain physical health and well-being. It acts on: the dermis and hypodermis, with the aims of eliminating cutaneous and subcutaneous blemishes and slowing down the ageing process of the skin; the muscle-tendon structures, optimizing your physiology; and on blood circulation;

– Therapeutic massage (massage therapy), in the case of injuries, degenerative diseases and post-traumatic situations. Under this heading lies the Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage, in which the various hand movements act on your microcirculation in the lymphatic system and in the veins. It is particularly suitable in cases of water retention and in the prevention and treatment of cellulite.

– Massage with essential oils, indicated in cases of physical and mental stress. The essential oils, along with the strokes of the massage, produce an immediate and long-lasting response from the body.

– Sports massage, especially for competitive activities in which there can be great strain on the muscles, tendons and joints..

Massage is contraindicated in cases of: cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, forms of inflammation or swelling, recent traumatic injuries, varicose veins, capillary fragility (broken veins), phlebitis (inflammation of the walls of a vein), sores, or fever.

massaggio 3

Rodia Holidays is pleased to offer guests the skills of professionals in the sector (physiotherapists and massage therapists with over 10 years of practice and experience) to perform all the types of massage indicated above, in Rodia itself, inside the guests’ own accommodation.

1. Consult the Massage Price List 2016 and choose the massage you wish..

2. Fill out the attached form and send it to:

3. Wait for a reply email confirming the appointment

4. Upon receipt of the email confirming the appointment, then pay by bank transfer to the following account:

IBAN: IT75Y 03426 16500 CC00 1000 1343
BBAN: 75Y 03426 16500 CC00 1000 1343
BANK: Banca di Credito Peloritano – Via Oratorio S. Francesco, 2 – 98122 – MESSINA
PAYABLE TO: Sunrise S.r.l., Via Torrente Trapani, 10 – 98121 – MESSINA

5. Send us a copy of the bank transfer receipt at:

Payment is due within 1 week of receipt of confirmation of availability, and within a minimum of 48 hours of the appointment. You will receive an email confirmation of the booking of the massage you requested with all the relevant details.

By making your payment, you declare that you accept without reservation the following conditions and cancellation policy relating to the service described above.


  • The prices indicated in the Massage Price List 2016 include VAT of 22%. The price in-cludes all products (oils, creams, etc) and accessories (massage table, etc.) that are need-ed to conduct the massage.
  • If your email requesting availability was about an extra service to be received fewer than 72 hours (3 days) after the transmission of your email, you may be sent a ‘late request’ email to inform you that the time available to handle your request is not sufficient and, if possible, to suggest different days and times to receive the same service.
  • If the extra service you have requested is not available on the day and/or at the time you want, you will receive a ‘lack of availability’ email, in which, if possible, alternative dates and times will be suggested for you to receive the extra service you want.
  • In the event that your email to confirm payment is sent more than seven days from the re-ceipt of our email to confirm availability, or fewer than 48 hours before the scheduled time of execution of the service, if there is no availability you will receive an email of ‘late pay-ment and reimbursement in progress’, in which you will be informed that your payment was made beyond the time limit set and our procedure for timely repayment has been initiated in order to refund you the amount you have paid.

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