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Terms & Conditions

1. Validity

These terms and conditions apply to all reservations to stay at Rodia Holidays made upon request of availability through portal. For reservations at Rodia Holidays made using other portals (for example. are subject to the conditions specified in the relevant portal.

2. Selling prices

The sales prices are those specified in the Rates page of this site and intended as prices including VAT. The prices indicated in the Price List can be changed at any time, without prior notice, except for confirmed bookings with payment and accepted by Rodia Holidays.

3. City Tax

In the amount paid for the reservation, 50% of the amount indicated in the Rates page, the city tax (€ 2.00 per adult (older than 16 years) and per night, up to a maximum of 5 consecutive nights is not included. For example: for 3 adults and 1 child staying one week at Rodia Holidays, the city tax is € 2.00 x 3 x 5 = € 30.00). The city tax must be paid at check-in, together with the payment of the balance, the last one representing 50% of the total.

4. Temporary Reservation

Following your request for availability (complete with period, number of persons and accommodation of your interest), the Rodia Holidays is commits to give you an answer via email within 24 hours.

If there is availability, the Rodia Holidays, without any commitment of your part, shall make a reservation in your name with temporary validity equal to:

  • 7 days for the cases in which the availability request has been sent in advance to more than 3 months compared to the desired date of arrival in the structure
  • 4 days for the cases in which the availability request has come with an advance of between 2 and 3 months compared to the desired date of arrival in the structure
  • 2 days for the cases in which the request for availability is reached with an advance of between 1 and 2 months compared to the desired date of arrival in structure
  • 1 day for the cases in which the request for availability is reached with an advance of less than 1 month compared to the desired date of arrival in the structure

In all cases in which, after having announced the availability of the structure of your liking in the period of interest and the number of persons you indicated, the Rodia Holidays does not receive, within the time limit indicated above, an email “payment” with attached receipt for the payment of 50% of the total amount, will be canceled the temporary reservation in your name without any charge to you.

5. Payments made over the time limit

If, after we announced the availability based on the data you entered, you had made the payment in favor of Rodia Holidays sending its email beyond the time limits set and the availability to have failed, you will get an email “advice” to propose two or more alternative living options and a repayment option of the full amount paid. Your care will inform us via email which of the proposed options you prefer. If you choose to get the refund, you must send us by email the details of your current account. In this case, the Rodia Holidays reserves a maximum of 15 days to give you back the amount paid.

6. Cancellations and no-shows

If you wish / must to cancel your reservation, you will need to do it again via email. Then:
– The cancellation fee is 10% of the entire amount due (1/5 of the amount paid for the booking) for cancellations received within 30 days of the date for your arrival;
– The cancellation fee is 20% of the entire amount due (2/5 of the amount paid for the booking) for cancellations received within 20 days of the date for your arrival;
– The cancellation fee is 30% of the entire amount due (3/5 of the amount paid for the booking) for cancellations received within 15 days of the date for your arrival;
– The cancellation fee is 40% of the entire amount due (4/5 of the amount paid for the booking) for cancellations received within 10 days of the date for your arrival;
– The cancellation fee is 50% of the entire amount due (and so the full amount paid for the booking) for cancellations received less than 10 days from the planned date of your arrival and in case of no-show.

7. Check-in

Check-in in all the accommodations of Rodia Holidays starting from 14:00 until 22:00.
If you desire/ need an early check-in (before 14:00), the Rodia Holidays will be happy to meet you, if possible, without any increase in costs. In this case we ask you to inform us of this need / desire at least within 22:00 of the day before and possibly by email, so that we can communicate when it is compatible with previous commitments of Rodia Holidays. If you don’t have communicated us in time your desire / need for early check-in or if there wasn’t possibility of this being done for previous commitments made by Rodia Holidays, you will be invited to wait a moment so that everything can be ready for can make to check-in (in any case before 14:00 hours).
If you want / need a late check-in (after 22:00), you can do it with paying an additional charge, amounting to € 10.00 for each hour of delay up to a maximum of € 50.00 (So until 03:00, the structure closing time). The additional charge is reduced by 20% if you send an email to Rodia Holidays until 22:00 of the day before your arrival by alerting the need for late check-in. At the check-in you will be shown the operation of each thing within the unit where you have chosen to stay and also you can verify that everything stated in the minutes of delivery responds to the truth before signing it.

8. Check-out

The check out in all the structures of Rodia Holidays can be made until 10:00 on the day of departure. After verification of the availability from the Rodia Holidays always previous request by email no later than 22:00 the day before arrival, you can check out even later than 10:00 but before 18:00, whilst paying the 50% of the price of the stay for the next night being derived by dividing by 7 the price of accommodation shown in the Rates page. The amount paid as deposit will be fully refunded if, after a thorough inspection in your accommodation no obvious damage to the structure, the facilities, furnishings or equipment and / or theft of any type is found. The Rodia Holidays reserves the right to withhold all or part of the amount of the security deposit if they were to emerge obvious damage to the structure, the facilities, furnishings or equipment and / or and theft of any type and to take legal action, if necessary, to obtain compensation for greater economic damage. The deposit will be retained permanently in whole or in part if the unit where you stayed is excessively dirty and therefore requires extra cleaning.

9. Rules of Rodia Holidays

I) The following regulation shall apply to all apartments of “Rodia Residence”, to all the residential villa park “The Jewels of Rodia” and attic called “La Terrazza di Tito” and must be signed at the time of check- in first to enter into the structure.
II) The reservation of a stay at Rodia Residence gives the right to stay in the unit booked for the agreed period of time in accordance to this Regulation.
III) The right to stay is limited to a number of persons equal to that stated at the time of booking and in any case only to the persons who register at check-in by delivering a copy of his valid identity document to the staff of Rodia Holidays.
IV) is not permitted accommodate different persons than those recorded at the check-in without specific authorization of Rodia Holidays and in any case prior registration with identification document.
V) The unit must be returned to the Rodia Holidays staff in the same state in which it was delivered at the time of signing at the time of delivery, unless the normal slight deterioration due to the use of the same unit for only temporary stay of the persons hosted from the Rodia Holidays.
VI) If urgent repair work is needed, you must promptly inform the staff of Rodia Holidays so that they can restore the perfect conditions for the enjoyment of the unit.
VII) All the guests of Rodia Holidays are obliged to maintain an appropriate behavior in every holiday destination, in respect for the staff of Rodia Holidays and third parties, the unit where you are staying, the furniture and furnishings contained therein and common areas. The time of rest for all vacationers are from 14: 00 to 17:00 and from 22:00 to 08:00, during which it is forbidden to listen to loud music, make a din and conduct activities that may cause trouble to other guests at the Rodia Holidays and for third parties in general.
VIII) The guest signing the record of delivery and the regulations of Rodia Holidays answers for himself and for all the other guests staying in the same unit. He will be accused of any damage, theft or behavior that violates all part of the present Regulations.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The existing law is the Italian and the place of jurisdiction in case of disputes is this from Messina.

11. Disclaimer

All data were collected diligently and meticulously. The Rodia Holidays is not answerable for errors in processing or transmission of data that are attributable to the customer. The data entry in other portals, although partial, or use for purposes other than those provided here, is allowed only with permission of the customer, with the approval and consent to the processing and dissemination of the affected parties.

12. Privacy Police

“Information required under D.Lgs.196 / 03 (published in the Official Gazette of 29/07/2003, 174, S.O.), Article 13 and subsequent amendments in matters of personal data “, shown below Protection:
1. The interested part or the person who collected the personal data are informed orally or in writing about:
a) the purposes and methods of treatment which the data are intended;
b) the obligatory or voluntary nature of providing data;
c) the consequences of a refusal to respond;
d) the persons or classes of persons to whom personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents, and the ambit of dissemination of said data;
e) the rights referred to in Article 6;
f) the identification of the owner and, if appointed, the representative in the State under Article 5 and the data.
When the owner has designated as responsible, at least one of them, indicating the site of the communication network or the methods by which it is for easily accessing the updated list of data. When it was identified as responsible for the confirmation in the case of exercise of the rights referred to in Article 7, this manager is indicated.
2. The information referred to in paragraph 1 also contains the elements provided by specific provisions of this code and may not include elements already known to the person providing the data or whose knowledge can concretely obstacle the execution, by a public subject, of inspections or monitoring data for purposes of defense or state security or the prevention, detection or suppression of crime.
3. The Guarantor may issue a provision simplified procedures for the information given in particular, telephone services providing assistance and information to the public.
4. If personal data are not collected from the data subject, the information referred to in paragraph 1, including the categories of processed data, it is given subject at the time of recording such data or, when it is planned their communication no later than the first communication.
5. The provision in paragraph 4 doesn’t apply when:
a) the data are processed in compliance with an obligation imposed by law, regulation or legislation;
b) the data are processed either for carrying out the defense investigations as per law 7 December 2000, n. 397, or at least to assert or defend a right in court, provided that the data are processed exclusively for said purposes and for no longer than is necessary therefore;
c) the information to the data involves the use of means that the Guarantor, prescribing any appropriate measures, declares clearly disproportionate to the protected right, that proves, in the opinion of the Guarantor, impossible. ”
The reservations center of Rodia Holidays operates in compliance with the mentioned law on privacy. Therefore, for the execution of the requested services, with the reading of this article and the acceptance of contract terms on line booking, the customer explicitly agrees to the processing of personal data and their consequent use for the commercial, administrative and fiscal regarding the service offered here. The consensus, once served in the form just said, also includes the use of personal data of the Customer to send the same advertising materials on the territory, prepared by Rodia Holidays.
As for the modes of treatment, we inform that:
• The acquired personal data will be collected and used in a lawful way, with computer and paper media, exclusively to provide the services requested.
• The acquisition of personal data regarding the customer is a necessary condition for providing the services required. If not, it is impossible to perform the services requested and fulfill the consequent obligations connected with the execution of such services.
• At any time, the interested part may have access to their personal information and may ask to modify or delete them, by contacting: Rodia Holidays (data subject), Road Torrente Cicerina n. 5, locations Rodia, 98161, Messina. Tel. +39 090 380488. Data Manager is Ing. Claudio de Simone, General Manager of Rodia Holidays.

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